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  • Nina: Rules for dressing as PSY for Halloween:
  • 1) Find awesome tuxedo jacket and bow tie
  • 2) Learn to dance like an amazing force of nature
  • 3) Don't be a racist douchebag
  • me: And then I spit peanut butter filled pretzel nugget crumbs everywhere
  • Nina: hahahahaha
I am so, so sorry.

The good news is that they’re the babies of their grade, too, and NJ has CRAZY laws (you don’t actually get a full license until you’re 18).  So they won’t have so much as a permit for almost a year.

It does mean that at that point I’ll probably have to let them drive me places.  Either this will be awesome because there won’t be DD fights for a few years or this will be terrifying.  Likely both.

I appreciate it. I stumbled upon something similar when I was doing work research a few months ago. Cannot be unseen.

The part of me that is morbidly curious is fascinated.  The rest of me is a sad panda.

I wanna seeeeeeeee. Or maybe I don’t.

Think long and hard.

Her computer wasn’t ON?

She never turns her computer off.  So, the thought that it could be, ya know, not turned on never occurred to her.

The funny part is really that if this were ever to happen again, it would be the same exact process because she retains literally zero of what is said to her when she is being helped.

daptone replied to your post: Plan for the day
I feel like…when did the universe decide that this is the week to have everything blow up in people’s faces? Do not like.

It would be less annoying if I could delegate tasks… but I’m the underling so I have to ask my boss what he wants to do… which is none of these things.

So stinking cute.

I totally forgot that Jim Henson’s voice is Kermit’s voice and it keeps throwing me off.

Sorry. My computer ate it.
I forgive you, since I’m now watching “Being Elmo”
HAHAHA. I love her other question. “Will my new abortion meet my old abortions in heaven?”

My boss and I are partial to the comment: “how did you get pregnant, since you are a troll?”

Whyyyy? You should tell your boss it’s shark week and go home. Or, tell him it’s shark week, laugh at his reaction, then go home.

Because I felt guilty staying home and we’re supposed to have a conference call with this super irritating client this afternoon.  SIC is impossible to get ahold of 99.9% of the time and I need to be here to take notes, so if I miss it, it totally screws us.

In short, I have an over-developed sense of loyalty to my job.

Oh, and also, we have ASL together tonight and somewhere in the back of my head there’s a parent saying “if you don’t go to school today, you can’t go to [insert name of extracurricular activity], either.”

Owww. Aleve is the only thing that works for me. Or you could double up on ibuprofen and Tylenol.

I took a couple of tylenol and a hot shower.  And then I decided to “stop being a little bitch and suck it up.”

Worst. Decision. Ever.

Why am I at work right now?

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Uh, this looks amazing.

Just saw this.  Both the documentary and “Troll 2” (note: it is not actually a sequel to anything, nor, apparently, does it include any trolls!) are on Netflix Streaming.

Fine. I’ll just go like “yoinking things” instead, because I just used the word “yoink” in an email to a client.

You know who liked to yoink things?!

Okay.  I’m done now.

But I really, really, REALLY like walking.

You know who liked walking?!


Also, he and Mitt Romney are BFFs and they don’t let Holocaust survivors eat kosher in their nursing homes.

And that’s why you never “like” walking on facebook.*

*this post should be construed as evidence that the slow progression towards insanity has rapidly built velocity in the last five hours.

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