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Good timing, now that they have multiple locations. Tell him to go to the Brooklyn location once. His mind will be blown once again, because we have shorter lines and a bigger, prettier store.

Hmmm… getting him to go to Brooklyn might be the issue, though I’m not sure where he’s living now.  He grew up on the UWS, but based on the migratory habits of my high school friends he’s probably further downtown by now.

Just last week?!

Dude, he’s lived in Manhattan his whole fucking life and is always broke and just discovered it.

It’s fucking amazing.

Dammit. Now I want an apple. And an office dog. I almost kidnapped one named Gustavo on my way to work.

It’s part of our new “healthy office” policy.  If you can call the two people who work here agreeing that keeping a giant bowl of chocolate around is a less good idea than keeping fruit around a “policy”

This is awesome, and so is the phone news. Not gonna lie, though. The first thing I thought of was Ted Mosby and his random ASL knowledge that never gets explained.

I’ve been wanting to learn for a wicked long time.  Had a client a few years back who was deaf, and hadn’t seen his kids in two years because his wife refused to abide by orders.  Usually, you can just file for contempt, but the court-appointed ASL interpreter was always a no show, so we couldn’t get the case heard.  It was one of the most horrific miscarriages of justice I’ve ever personally witnessed, and if I can get fluent, I can add myself to the list as a certified ASL interpreter for the courts and offer my services to deaf clients.  Which would be awesome.

And I thought there was an explanation at some point.  Like he had a deaf cousin or something?  Also you just reminded me that one of the questions in one of my practice bar quizzes was about Ted Mosby and I just wanted to write in E) What would Ted Mosby Do?.  Now I need to find it.

Ew. Ew ew ew. I’m just going to eat this almond croissant and cry in a corner for you.

G-d damn it, woman.  

Now I want an almond croissant.  At least the orange I’m settling for is still delicious.

Yes. :(

Simultaneously not even remotely funny and fucking hilarious.

I’ll hook you up with my maple wings recipe.  Then you can just eat those until you go into a coma.

They’re not fans of either. They just really, really like the Superbowl.

… I do not understand the words that are coming out of your fingers.

So… they don’t like football, but they wanna watch the whole Super Bowl because?

I found out last night that two of my roommates are really, really into the Superbowl. I need a soundproof hidey hole.

I can provide you with a shit talk guide to piss off either Pats or Giants fans.

And at least there are funny commercials, wings, and beer.

This makes me hate people so much more than I already to today.

I spend a lot of time defending people who do stupid things as not basically stupid, and I want to defend these people by saying it’s a failure of the education system. But when all they had to do was have the attention span to read something other than the ‘headline’, I can’t help but become incredibly depressed by the state of our world.

When you surround yourself with people who are truly engaged with the world around themselves, it’s really easy to forget how many people are completely disconnected.

I’m going to be SO BORED.


One of these things is not like the other…

I feel disoriented and confused and I don’t understand.  WHY IS IT THERE?

I mixed my Muppets. Divine Swine on top of whatever Beaker’s shade is.

I need to actually buy some of those.  Because they’re so pretty.

Another thing women have in common with goldfish
Dammit, now I want Ritz crackers.

They’re not good unless you dunk them in cider.  Or soup.  Or both.

Now I want soup, too.

Go home!

I’m that asshole who’s all like “I shouldn’t bounce without permission”…so, I asked my boss if I could leave at 4 if it was still dead, which I will likely turn into 3:45.

I'm crafty. In every sense of the word.

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